About me

I am a self-employed landscape architect (RLA 6126), sculptor, contractor (CA-985377), and certified arborist (WE-105760). I received my Bachelors degree at Colorado College and my Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University.  

My primary work and passion is to design (or re-design) outdoor spaces that are beautiful and functional.  I strive to create environments that are inviting, sustainable, and offer unique and memorable experiences.   I design all of the elements outside of the house, which include: swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, outdoor structures, decks, patios, fire pits, water features, and much, much more...

I also often combine sculpture with design is a great way to add the "missing elements" that so many landscapes need.   I discovered steel sculpture while studying landscape architecture.  I now get to combine my passion for design with my desire to build and create things with my hands.  

For my sculpture, I work primarily with mild steel, but I can also cut out any pretty much any design imaginable out of copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.  I like the rawness of rusted steel, and how it blends into the environment.  Whenever possible, I try to use reclaimed or salvaged materials.  Salvaged materials are obviously more sustainable for sculpture, but they also have unique characteristics and stories of their own that I don't find in steel directly from a mill.  In my line of work, another person's trash can truly become a treasure (with a lot of imagination and work).

In addition to design and sculpture, I am passionate about arboriculture (the study of trees).  I help people understand how to best manage and protect the trees they have, and make recommendations and write reports when removals are necessary.