About me

I am a self-employed landscape architect (RLA 6126),  contractor (CA-985377),  certified arborist (WE-105760). and sculptor.  I received my Bachelors degree at Colorado College and my Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University.  

My primary work and passion is to design (or re-design) outdoor spaces that are beautiful and functional.  I strive to create environments that are inviting, sustainable, and offer unique and memorable experiences.   I design all of the elements outside of the house, which include: swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, outdoor structures, decks, patios, fire pits, water features, and much, much more...

In addition to the design work, I employ a crew of 7 skilled and hardworking men who help transform my designs into reality (see below).  They are experts in masonry, planting, irrigation, and landscape lighting.  We also build decks, fences, water features, and pretty much everything else I dream and draw.  

In addition to design and sculpture, I am passionate about arboriculture (the study of trees).  I help people understand how to best manage and protect the trees they have, and make recommendations and write reports when removals are necessary.  


The Team:


Alfredo Hernandez

Foreman- masonry, carpentry, lighting, irrigation, planting, and just about everything else I put into my designs.


“Lupe” Guzman



Adrian Cruz Trejos



Eric Torres

Carpentry, irrigation, lighting


Luis Molina Rojas

Maintenance, irrigation, planting


Jose Francisco

Planting, irrigation, lighting, hardscape


Jose Guzman

Masonry, hardscape, planting


Tony Torres

Planting, irrigation, lighting